Watch: Satellite launch as seen from Finland

Sentinel-3 satellite launched in February 2016 with the Northern Lights as back drop (Photo: Screenshot of video / Antero Isola)

This article first appeared on ScienceNordic

Sentinel-3A satellite was launched on 16th February 2016 in Plesetek, Russia.

About six minutes after lift-off, footage was captured of the launch as the satellite passed through the Aurora Borealis—the northern lights. The video was shot one thousand kilometres away from the launch site, at Karigasniemi in northern Finland.

Sentinel-3A is carrying a whole range of scientific instruments to measure features of the Earth’s ocean (temperature and height of the sea surface), land (wildfire monitoring, vegetation health, height of rivers and lakes), and the extent of sea-ice and land ice, as part of Europe’s Copernicus environmental monitoring programme.

Video: ESA satellite lift-off as seen from Finland (Credit: Antero Isola)


Read more at news from the Nordic Region.





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