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Nature makes all articles free to view but they do not make viewing easy. In perhaps a ground-breaking move by Nature Publishing Group, it is making research papers from 49 of their journals, including the famous high-impact, Nature journal, available to read online for free. In order to take advantage of this, readers will need access to a read-only web-link, currently available from others with a paid-subscription or via select media-outlets or bloggers.

“Subscribers can share any paper they have access to through a link to a read-only version of the paper’s PDF that can be viewed through a web browser. For institutional subscribers, that means every paper dating back to the journal’s foundation in 1869, while personal subscribers get access from 1997 on.”



Annette Thomas, chief executive of Macmillan Science and Education

So how does it work?
1) When you see an article you like, you can ask someone with a paid subscription to Nature for the “read-only” web link to access the full article.
2) Alternatively, some media outlets and blogs will also have access to these “read-only” web-links. Any article they publish, should be accompanied by one of these links.
3) Once you have the link, you can read the paper online via ReadCube and make annotations, but you will not be able to print or download it.
4) Once you have the link, it appears that you can share it with as many other people as you like. So here goes, try this one out, an article on El Nino variability during the last 21’000 years.

For further information, you can go to the press release and view a video guide for using the service.



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